Field Prospecting.

Geological Mapping.

Structural Mapping.

Age Determination (Micropaleontology).

Research Work.

Reconnaissance, Preliminary, overall and detailed raw material investigations.

Application of “SURPAC”

In Site Tests

Drilling (Core & Rotary).

Standard Penetration Test (SPT).

Geophysical Measurements (Seismic & Electric).

Hydrological Studies.

Pressuremeters Tests.

Laboratory Tests (For Soils & Rocks)

Evaluation and Reporting

Refraction Seismic.

Geo-Electric Dipole –Dipole.

Geo-Electric VES "Vertical Electric Sounding".

Contour Maps.

Topographic Maps.


Traverse Network.

Grid Systems.

Road Designs.

Settlement Monitoring.

Equipment Alignment.

Cut and Fill Eng.

Diamond Core Drilling Services.

Rotary Drilling.

Overburden Drilling.

Wire Line Drilling

Quarry Designs.

Department Layout.

Quarry Opening.

Quarry Development.

Sizing and Choice of Equipments.

Explosive Stores.

Quarry Facilities

Raw Materials Quality Control

Periodical Sampling and Analysis.

Raw Mix Designs.

Modification of Operations to achieve Mix Targets.

Installation of Site Laboratories for Controlling of Quality

Cost Optimization

Run Factor Studies.

Coordination for Time Saving.

Efficiency Ranking and Rising.

Full Capacity utilization.

Cost Saving in Power, Fuel, Spare Parts and Manpower

Operation Scheduling

Bench Operation Scheduling.

Loading and Transport Scheduling.

Shift Organization.

Cycle Time and Optimization.

Internal Traffic Planning.

Drilling Operation.

Blasting Operation.

Loading and Transport Operation.

Crushing and Conveying Operation.

Quarry Service Operation.

Equipment Maintenance

Mobile and Stationary Equipments.

Preventive Maintenance Programs.

Inspection Reports.

Quality Repair Operation.

Equipment Overhaul Programs.

Preparation, Procurement and Manufacture of parts, material, manpower and time schedule.

Overhaul Works and Time Control.

Performing Testing.

Supply of Pure Gypsum

Supply of Glass Sand.

Supply of Gravels.

Supply of High Grade Limestone

ASCOM's Blasting Services are the updated equipment in professional hands. All of our blasting engineers undergo training in blast design, software, and measuring tools, set by the relevant international organizations. We are using the most high tech drilling machines and blasting equipment in the Middle East. In consequences, ASCOM's blasting department can undertake the following services on behalf of our customers:

Blasting Contracts

Drilling Pattern Design.

Drilling Operations.

Supplying the Appropriate Explosives.

Explosives Transportation.

Management of Explosives Magazines.

Supplying the Authorized Shot-Fire.

Blast Design.

Blast Hole Charging.

Blasting Consultants

Drilling and Blasting Proposals.

Quarry Benches Profiling (MDL LaserAce - Burden finder).

Blast Hole Deviation (MDL Boretrak - cabled).

Blast Monitoring (MREL High Speed Video Camera).

Blast Vibration and Air Pressure Measurement.

Velocity Of Detonation (VOD) Measurement.

Cost Optimization Study.

Offering Theoretical and On-Site Training

Developments and Researches

o ASCOM introduced the Nonel to the Egyptian market: we were the leading company which used the Nonel system that carries many advantages as regards safety, vibration diminution and cost, followed by other companies.

Sharing in the international conferences (ISEE) and (EFEE).

Organizing of drilling and blasting seminars.

ASCOM is preparing itself for dealing with the Bulk Emulsion in the Egyptian market.

Published Papers

ISEE 2007

“Experimental Techniques to Reduce Blasting Vibration Level, Tourah, Cairo, Egypt”. Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Conference of Explosives and Blasting Technique, Nashville, TN, USA, “ISEE”, Volume I, PP. 221 Download Paper ISEE 2007 as “ pdf ”


“Safe Blasting Near the Historical Caves, Tourah, Cairo, Egypt”. Proceedings of the 4th EFEE World Conference on Explosives and Blasting, Vienna, Austria, Volume I, PP. 365Download Paper EFEE as “ pdf ”

ISEE 2008

Facing the Drilling and Blasting Difficulties at Helwan Quarry, Egypt “ Proceeding of the 34rd Annual Conference of Explosives and Blasting Technique, New Orleans, "ISEE", Volume 1, PP. 305.Download Paper ISEE 2008 as “pdf ”

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