Welcome to ASEC Company for Mining - ASCOM, a leading Geology, Mining & recently Manufacturing Company. With over 35 years of exceptional track record in the Egyptian market, ASCOM has expanded its operations covering North& East Africa, the Gulf and Levant regions. ASCOM historically specialized in offering Geological & Mining solutions to the Cement Industry. ASCOM got in November 2010 the certificates of conformity for the integrated management system ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 , and ISO 45001-2018 . .Nowadays, ASCOM is expanding the support to the Cement Industry as well as developing new mining operations for Building Materials, Precious Metals and Manufacturing operations for Ground Calcium Carbonate and Rock & Glass Wool.

Originally established in 1975 as a special department within ASEC group to offer Geology & Mining services to ASEC's cement clients. Over the years ASCOM developed a unique experience in this particular industry setting it without a contender as the most sought after partner for all Cement plants in the region. ASCOM specializes in a number of areas with a special emphasis on Geological Investigations & Total Quarry Management covering Quarry design, Raw Material Evaluation & Quality Control and Blasting Services.

Today, ASCOM has operating subsidiaries in Egypt, United Arab of Emirates, Syria, Sudan, Algeria and Ethiopia as well as teams in many other countries in the region. In these countries, ASCOM is assisting a number of cement plants with their Geology & Mining requirements building on experience and success in Egypt.

Building on that same success, ASCOM has broadened its operational scope to cover mining of Building Materials to cater for the rapidly growing segment in this region. ASCOM specializes in mining of various Raw Materials such as Aggregates, Armored Blocks, Gypsum, Gravel, Silica Sand and Kaolin.

With success in the mining field, ASCOM has expanded into mining of Precious Metals to capture number of rising opportunities in the region. Today, ASCOM has secured a number of concessions in East Africa for exploration and exploitation of Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver and Copper.

Finally, ASCOM has further expanded its operation by focusing on Manufacturing of specialized materials. With natural reserves in Egypt ranking 2nd highest grades worldwide for Calcium Carbonate, ASCOM has utilized its mining expertise by investing in the field of Ground Calcium Carbonate manufacturing. Similarly, ASCOM has employed its technical knowhow to invest in manufacturing of Rock Wool and Glass Wool to draw on the high grade of available raw materials in Egypt.

To continue leading in the Geology & Mining fields within North & East Africa, Gulf & Levant regions through continuously offering an interface between science & field applications, researching & developing new mining assets, and finally further value adding by spreading out into manufacturing industry of Industrial Minerals.

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