Basic Information


ASEC Company for Mining ASCOM, is an Egyptian joint stock company, incorporated under Law No. 159 for 1981. The Company was registered in the commercial register under No. 2870 on April 29, 1999-. ASCOM is publicly traded at Egyptian Exchange (CASE: ASCM) since 2006

Purpose of the Company

- Extracting mining materials, metals and cutting them by all means whether used by hand or machines, as well as studies for soil and mining materials.
- Geological and Geographic survey over mining materials, mines and quarries.
- Extracting, cutting and preparing mining materials and metals.
- Studying and evaluating existing mines and quarries and evaluating its machines, equipments and components.
- Operating and managing quarries and mines and providing technical assistance and consultancy in mining field.
- Offering all the technical services related to the field of mining and the industries fields related to mining as treating mining materials and metals by converting, mixing , shaping and packing.
- Manufacturing parts, components and spare parts of the equipments used for operating mines and quarries and assembling, maintaining, and fixing the equipment parts whether fixed or movable.
- Maintenance and repair of exploration and drilling equipment for oil and gas field .
- The company may import and acts as a commercial agent for Egyptian and foreign companies which serve the company’s objectives.

Authorized Capital: EGP 750 million
Paid in Capital: EGP 550 million
Number of outstanding shares: 55,000,000
Par Value: EGP 10
Number of issues: 7
Financial Year Beginning 1st of January
Financial Year Ended 31st of December
External Auditor: Wael Sakr - Mansour & Co. PricewaterhouseCoopers

ASCOM Capital Structure

Citadel Capital 29,727,683.00


Financial Holdings International LTD: 7,917,154.00


Gamal Abdel Kadr Abdel Basir: 3,178,527.00


Other Shareholders 17,176,636.00


Total 55,000,000.00


Free Float 17,804,812.00


Investors Relations Manager
Name: Mohamed Khattab
Tel. : +201061770027

For further information, you are kindly requested to contact us at:

Tel. : +20-2-25203371


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